In collaboration with interactive installation studio Dave + Gabe, we created Ghoul 3D World, a halloween-themed immersive media and theater experience hosted at Future Space in Bushwick.  We set out to make a performance environment inspired by our animated universe. The evening was equal parts immersive theatre, interactive exhibition, and party.


Cool 3D World - design, development, video content, original music, screenplay
Dave & Gabe - design, development, lighting, 3D audio, build, production
George Michael Brower - Dwarf Choir animation, Puppet Capture design + installation, A1Array animation design, Spotlight Operator
Amy Cakes - producer, development, costume designer
Super A-OK - A1 Array captures + greenscreen
Nicholas KK - inflatable design+build
Future Wife - live video, video programming, lighting programming
Gamma Digital Fabrication - build
YoungBuk Art Services - build
Josh Knapp - producer

Burke Heffner - the Master
Jeremy Syrop - the Master (voice), the Chiller
Katharine Dobbins - Lead Mole Rat
Mike Feldman - Mole Rat
Anthony Giannone - Mole Rat
Mariko Makino - Mole Rat
Renan Machado - the Magician, Zentai
Sean Petell - Frankie
Gabriel Martinez - Body Builder
Leia Jospé - Lead Camera Zentai
Kat Alexander - Zentai 1
Chloe Hooton - Zentai 2
Bailey Nolan - Zentai 3
Viva Soudan - Zentai 4
Chris Baglivo - the Band, Bassist
Evan Bernard - the Band, Drums
Peter Berkman - the Band, Guitar
Jon Baken - the Band, Lead Singer
Kurt Feldman - the Band, Bass
Luke Silas - the Band, Drums
J - Bathroom Gollum

Made possible with support from Ari Spool and Dani Newman of Giphy Arts.